Thursday, March 11, 2010

My new rose

Or - what is will look like, when it grows up. You see, mine is only new, with one fat bud on it. I prefer this one!

Classic, long pointed buds unfurl into high centered, exhibition style blooms of clear, soft pink. The large blooms are very fragrant. Winner of the Portland Gold Medal. Upright, bushy plant with dark, glossy, leathery green foliage. Somewhat winter tender.
Continual Bloom
Fragrance: Very Fragrant
Year patented: 1963


Lilly said...

What a gorgeous shade Leslie. I love this shade of pink I have to say. I hope yours does well. Love your presentation here.

Annie said...

So beautiful!

MoMo said...

Lovely shade of pink. Hope yours do well. We have several rose bushes in the garden. Some have gorgeous blooms.