Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My sister and I were in Rome last October.

My students in computer club helped me make this layout today.


Trekcapri said...

Hi Leslie, wonderful photo of you and your sister. Your students did a wonderful job with their beautiful design.

Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great week.

Leslie said...

Love this page!!! The photo is gorgeous with those two beautiful faces and a stunning background! What clever students you have, they must have a terrific teacher:)
Love JillEG

Sandrac said...


slinky said...

Hi Ms S! What a wonderful layout. If this year's students can do this now what will they be able to do later? We can only imagine!
Hope your school days aren't as tiring as mine. I'd better start doing my Italian homework!

girasoli said...

Love the layout! Your students did a great job :)