Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gold Coast

When I was a teenager, I used to go to stay with my dad at the Gold Coast - at his canal front home at Paradise Point Keys. I spent a lot of time in the dinghy, motoring around the canals.
Dad would listen for the sound of the outboard to stop, then would come the few blocks to find me, with the petrol can to get it going again.
His was one of the first few houses, now it's all built on, of course. His house was to the right of the red marker. Now they all have jetties and swimming pools. They didn't back when I used to go, so I guess we were all swimming with the bull sharks. Yikes! Wouldn't put a toe in there now!


Annie said...

Ah...I remember those lazy teenage days, before we used sunscreen or knew that we should, LOL.

Lovely designs and memories!

marta said...

Oh to be a teenager again. Did you ever go out to the reservoirs in California? That's were we hung out getting sunburned and sandy.

Thanks for creating a post that brought back a lot of great memories. BTW, I really like the second one. :)

Trekcapri said...

Hi Leslie, I enjoyed reading about some of your teenage days. Memories are wonderful and I love your photos and designs. Very cool!

Liz McCoy said...

I especially LOVE the second page!!! soo fun!!!!!