Sunday, April 6, 2008

Portofino and Castle Brown

I think Portofino is divine. It’s quite my favorite of the Ligurian seaside towns. The icing on the cake however, is the enchanting Castle Brown.

I discovered its beauty on a recent trip. Perched up above the town’s harbor, you’ll find that the views of Portofino are really special, I don’t think you could take a bad picture.

I was in Portofino in 2005 for my own “Enchanted April” after reading the Elizabeth von Arnim book that is set there. Then I went again a short time later.

The book is about four women from England who go to stay in an Ivory Tower – I mean a castle, overlooking Portofino. Knowing that the castle is real, and having walked around inside it, gives the book a whole new dimension.


girasoli said...

Portofino is definitely a gem. Were you able to go inside the castle? I may just have to check it out this summer if you can.

MoMo said...

Great pics - want to go!!!!! I like this set of layout too!

Sandrac said...

Leslie, those are gorgeous photos. Portofino is definitely on my list!

I absolutely loved the movie Enchanted April, although I had had the impression it was set on a lake (and I have no idea why I thought that!)

I also hadn't realized the film was based on a book, I'm going to see if I can find the novel right now. I'd love to read it (and perhaps borrow your idea and plan my own Enchanted April tour. If only I had their Victorian wardrobes.....)

genny said...

Its great shots and creative way of posting it. Happy hunting!