Tuesday, May 13, 2008


In 1992 I saw a documentary of Camogli and decided to take my family there. Later that year, we watched the fishermen mending their nets, gazed in awe at the trompe d'oeil and I made a secret vow to return there one day.

Well, it took me a while. My next visit was during my Enchanted April trip of 2005. I was a bit more fortunate with the 2006 trip, as I managed to stay there overnight before heading to Santa Margherita. I made an afternoon visit to Camogli from there and looked in some art galleries, watched more fishermen with their nets and sat for ages gazing at the fishing boats, the delectable painted houses and listened to the church bells peal.


Maria I. said...

I've been to SML twice and Portofino but missed going to Camogli. It's on the top of my Next Trip To Italy List.
Love the photo!

girasoli said...

38 days and 23 hours and I am there! I also loved sitting and gazing at the boats and the fishermen with their nets during my last visit and plan to do more of the same this summer :)

MoMo said...

sounds like a magical place. Love your layout!

Aisha said...

It's beautiful! :) Sigh! I wish one day I get to visit Italy with my husband.