Sunday, March 9, 2008

Santa Margherita Ligure - a special place


The bar I went to about three times in a day was the Bar Pasticceria Oneto di Cassinelli. The front entrance is on the main street very close to the Lido Palace Hotel and from the back you walk out onto the piazza with the Basilica di Santa Margherita. The cappuccini are divine, as are the pastries, especially the little eclairs.


My favorite store is Seghezzo. It's a great grocery and wine store. It has the most impressive chocolate selection. It's next door to the Basilica at Via Cavour, 1. It also has a very good deli section and you can buy an already cooked dinner there, have them heat it up for you and take it back to where ever you are staying.

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girasoli said...

Are you there right now? I am taking notes on these places for my trip this summer. Your post makes me more excited about giving Santa Margherita Ligure a second chance :-)