Thursday, February 28, 2008

My First Day of School

Well - do you remember yours?


Annie said...

I don't really remember my first day though I do remember my first grade teacher.

I have a photo where I have that same exact haircut though!

Chiocciola said...

Love the bangs! Too cute. I do remember my first day very well. There was a teddybear who had a backpack with candy instead of lunch (aka sandwiches) and the teacher had to get mad at the teddy bear to show us that sweets were not allowed! Plus I was disappointed that there was no homework.

Anonymous said...

I love that photo, reminds me of when my grandmother put a bowl on my head and cut my hair. What was it with them?

Karen Jo said...

That's a very cute picture. I have no recollection of my first day of school.