Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Digital Scrapbook Place

Blog Prompt: Today is Pay a Compliment Day. Who would you compliment today and why?

Goodness me - that's an easy one. The Digital Scrapbook Place design team of course. They have my vote. What a talented group of women! I am so impressed with their skills.

Now, a few of you from the Slow Travel website have asked me now, where am I getting the frames for my photographs?

I have registered with the website company The Digital Scrapbook Place. After looking at a student's scrapbook project last year, I sought out a way to do that for myself on the computer, as I'm not into crafts. I found this website which is very user friendly and has incredibly talented designers who sell their kits on line.

If you go to my gallery, you will see each of the pictures I have made and underneath them is the name of the kit and the name of the designer.

There are a few different ways to present your picture in a frame. You can start with a background, then place your picture over it. You can add an overlay layer - which may look like a pale piece of gauze floating around the edges. You can add in an actual frame, then you might like to add some elements like ribbons, bows, dragonflies or flowers.

An easy way to start is to register with The Digital Scrapbook Place, then download the many "freebies" they offer you. You can start with "ploppers" where you just plop the photo into the picture, then you use a photographic program like Adobe Photoshop Elements to put the photograph behind the frame.

You can buy a kit, which you then download to your computer. It will contain background pages, and lots of fun things like frames and fun little elements.

I have joined some forums and am working on heritage style photographs. I enter challenges, and look at different styles and ways to present your photograph. Some pictures can take ten minutes, others take me a couple of hours. I am starting off my students on medieval studies and three of them did pictures this morning. Two used a photo and a plopper - one came and opened up my new azure blue kit I used to make my Marysville baby picture of me, and used that to enhance her photo before using the Knights of old plopper. So hers looks similar to my Dragon Slaying one.


MoMo said...

Good advice. Hope you are feeling better!

loonyhiker said...

Love your compliment and I totally agree.

Momma Byrd said...

You're right on about the DSP team. They are amazing. The members are bad either. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leslie,