Thursday, January 17, 2008

Torcello Cat

King of all he surveys, do you think?

King of the island of Torcello anyway... and as this is where Venice began, I think it's a very important position.


Annie said...

Thanks Leslie! I'd love to see your San Marco photos.

I love the Torcello cat and all the amazing things you are doing with digital scrap-booking (something I didn't even know existed until I read your blog).

MoMo said...

This is one cool, commanding kitty. Full of self confidence and gusto! It has class. That's what I like! And gelato! Roamed all over Florence in a wintry night looking for gelato. Did I find any? Nope.

MOM said...

Leslie, that Torcello cat looks very tigerish to me - you wouldn't want to mess with him without wearing padding. Great and masterful pic.

girasoli said...

I am loving all your new scrapbooking designs! These cat pictures are my favorites so far. I hope you will get time to do a post on how digital scrapbooking works sometime.

There are some major scrapbook fanatics at my school, but no one has gotten into the digital scrapbooking hobby yet. :-)

Annie said...

Hi Leslie, the book I'm reading says that Dingo was the name of a stray dog that one of the Venetian women had rescued and adopted, and they named the organization after him.

In the beginning, Dingo was involved with welfare for all animals but I think there's a separate dog group now and Dingo focuses on the cats.

Glad to hear about the Dingo houses on Torcello!