Monday, December 31, 2007

WHAT did you say?

So last week we were driving gran back to the airport. Up ahead we could see a big fracas... police cars on both sides of the road, all the cars being pulled over on our side, we counted twenty cops!

It was a "booze bust" - you know, a breathalyzer stop.

The learner drive, who was driving, calmly announced: "I forgot to put the L plates on, and my license is on the bedside table, oh, and your wheels are illegal."

Well, I then had a revelation and discovered - the Power of Prayer.

Gran in the back seat didn't notice any of this, probably too busy keeping an eye on the speedometer. But she did ask why I kept repeating the one line, 'Hail Mary, full of grace', over and over and over.

There must have been some reason we were allowed to go through when all of the other cars got pulled over... I am still thanking God about it.

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MoMo said...

Lucky, lucky you!!!!
SS got pulled up by the breathanalyser squad last week after the family Christmas dinner as she was taking her niece home. She was asked whether she had drunk. She had to say yes because the silly sod didn't specify what type of drink. The last time she had alcohol was several months ago when she was tasting the various cocktails concocted by Orable of the Burble World