Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Venice through Alessandro's eyes

Watching Venice through Alessandro’s eyes was such an experience! I was walking through the 5pm crowds, and I’d have to stop, grab his arm, and move him on. He was standing stock still staring at the African illegal vendors of fake Louis V bags, and at the British soccer club young men on a fun trip, dressed up as school girls. Then he caught sight of the windows of the shops. Oh my.

When I walked him over to the edge of San Marco and he saw the cathedral and the bell tower, his eyes just got wider and wider. He wanted to go into a church, San Zulian, but I told him I’d take him in there tomorrow. He made me promise I wouldn’t forget.

Dinner was an incredible experience. As I walked in Trattoria del Nino, at Campo San Provolo the Blond Signora ran up to me, exclaimed how good it was to see me, kissed me twice and very much admired my son. Her son Luca was having the day off she said, as she checked that we would come back to eat again the next night. He would want to see us. The food was excellent. We shared tortellini alla panna, scaloppini alla limone, insalata misto, patate frite and an aqua minerale naturale. It was delicious.

After dinner we strolled up to see the Rialto Bridge and Alessandro had his first gelato. He got chocolate mint and fragola in a copeta – cup, for 3 euros. He is very interested in learning Italian and is taking to it well. I let him do all the purchasing and he is speaking to people, saying grazie and buona sera. I let him keep the money and pay for things – Il conto per favore, grazie.

We are in a larger room at the Istituto San Giuseppe, number 16, which is up on the fourth floor, like last time. We walked past rooms 11 and 12, where we had stayed before to get to it. It has three beds, so we have a spare one in between us. We look down over a courtyard and Alessandro couldn’t believe all the bells. He exclaims every time he hears them go off. He is curious about everything and is enjoying everything he sees and should go back speaking a lot of Italian.

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