Saturday, December 15, 2007

San Gimignano market day

I like the Thursday morning market. In fact, I like it so much, that on my trip last October, I stayed eight nights, so that I could go to the market twice!

It is set up by 8am in the Piazza della Cisterna, outside my hotel, Albergo La Cisterna. From my trip report:

“Beautifully set up with displays of night attire, clothing, fresh flowers and potted plants. There were vans with pashminas in every hue imaginable, squishy, buttery soft leather handbags and wallets, fresh fruit and vegetables, household goods and an array of other enticing goodies.”

There were blue jeans and cargo pants, all sorts and sizes of parkas, curtains, tea towels and pot holders. If you are staying in one of the many apartments throughout the town, there is also a large food section of the market in the next square – Piazza del Duomo.

I like to look at all the flowers for sale – potted plants and delectable bunches of roses.


The pashminas were very colorful this year, as were the wallets and handbags. I remember buying black or brown leather goods for years on my Italy trips. Now there are greens, blues and lemon shades. My pashmina for this year that I wear when I want to feel special, is a soft cinnamon shade. I am still wearing one in a creamy cappuccino color in Canberra this winter, for every day.

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