Monday, October 13, 2008

Palazzo Ducale in Venice

In the late afternoon, we went across to the Ducal Palace where we paid the 13 euros entry fee and had a wonderful time exploring all the artwork filled rooms, looking at the maps and oversized globes, the small suits of amour and then the piece de resistance – the Ponte Dei Sospiri. One of my favorite things is looking out from inside the Bridge of Sighs, at all the other tourists, looking in.

(Journaling: It’s always eerie standing inside the Bridge of Sighs.
I am looking out at all the tourists gathered on the little bridge outside.)

Then we went downstairs to the cafe. A very peaceful half hour was then spent sipping cappuccini in the Ducal Palace café, watching the gondole gliding rhythmically by. Alessandro had a sundae.

(Journaling: Alessandro and I had looked through the Ducal Palace and walked over the Bridge of Sighs.)

Later we walked over to Campo Manin and ate dinner there, our Campo San Provolo restaurant being closed on Thursdays.


loonyhiker said...

You make me want to go to Italy again! Love the sundae! Great layouts!

Kathy (Trekcapri) said...

Hi Leslie, great photos and designs. I really miss Venice! I'm sure that Anne & Maria are having a great time. I also thought that walk across the bridge of sighs was really interesting. I enjoyed reading your journaling from that experience. And that Sunday that Alessandro had . . . yum!

Thanks for sharing this great Venice memory!

Annie said...

I've been to that Palazzo Ducale cafe too! Really enjoyed it. What is the name of your Campo San Provolo restaurant?

Hippomanic Jen said...

Thanks for visiting. Sorry about your drizzle, we're having sunshine today, and I need to go and wash. Could use some REAL rain, though.

Lilly's Life said...

You do such beautiful work Leslie. I have never seen anything as gorgeous in fact (a lot of the work I have seen elsewhere as been kind of gaudy I guess). The Bridge of Sighs - wow what a lovely. To me Italy is a country of sighs...I am going to borrow that name - bridge of sighs - just wonderful1

Deana said...

You always make it sound so wonderful. I am getting so excited. I've been listening to Bocelli the past couple of nights to help get in the mood and last night I made lasagna thought I am guessing our US version is a very watered down version of the real thing!

Sandrac said...

Great photos Leslie, it IS cool to stand inside the Bridge of Sighs looking out!