Saturday, December 15, 2007

Overview of my 2006 trip (1 of 10)

Our five week trip began in Venice at the very end of September and ended in Liguria early in November.

After eight dreamy Venetian days we drove down to Orvieto, to stay overnight in a beautiful monastery in the shade of the town’s cathedral. From there we journeyed south to Sorrento to stay in our hotel up on the cliff, overlooking the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, just a stroll from the center of town. We made sure we went to the webcam, where I called my son on the phone and he could see me waving at him while we were talking.

We then spent some time in Montepulciano before heading to San Gimignano and we ended our trip in Santa Margherita on the Ligurian coast.

This was the fourth trip my sister and I have made together in recent years. We hope to do many more.

Sorrento webcam, up on top right of frame

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