Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My goodness it's hot in Florence!

G'day from Firenze. Come state oggi?

It's a warm Wednesday afternoon and we just arrived here at lunchtime today. It is so interesting for Alessandro to see the contrast from the small town atmosphere of San Gimignano, where we were this morning, to the large and bustling atmosphere of this very special city. This morning we sat in Piazza La Cisterna, in San Gimignano for an hour after breakfast, watching the school children going to school on the bus, and the locals opening their stores. Parcels were delivered, streetsweepers swept through. It was calm and quiet bliss.


Then at ten to nine we trotted down Via San Giovanni, trailing our luggage behind us, to the bus stop. We arrived with one minute to spare and were on the bus to Poggibonsi. Then twenty minutes later on a train up to Florence.

We got a cab to the back of the Duomo and then walked up the long block to the Hotel Dali where I 'caught up' with Marco, who now has three children instead of the one he had when I last stayed there in 2001.

We have looked at the Ponte Vecchio, have explored the markets and are enjoying incredibly cheap Internet at one euro for an hour. As I live on the Internet at home, we have really only come in to sit down for a bit.

Alessandro has become a dab hand at ordering our meals in Italian and pays for everything. He just bought a belt at the big market, so he's a happy vegemite.


Allora tutti, piu domani. Ciao!

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