Saturday, December 15, 2007

Have passport will travel

Alessandro got his passport today. I haven't seen him this excited in a long time.

He hasn't had a passport since he was fifteen months old and our family went for a three month trip to Italy to visit friends and family and to see so many beautiful places.

On that trip we went to Pisa, Florence and Venice, and stayed with the Aunts in Modena for seven weeks, on and off, and visited friends in Piemonte.

We stayed in friend's holiday apartments for ten days at a time in Capo Mele on the Ligurian coast and up in the mountains at Tonezza del Cimone up above Vicenza. We also stayed with friends in their apartments, in many locations in northern Italy. Then we toured, staying for a week at a time around San Gimignano, San Marino and Valle d'Aosta.

This time we are using his new passport to spend a couple of weeks in Italy and to visit Dubai. And yes, I think he's very excited!

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