Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Burano and Torcello

Thursday 27 September

We walked to the Fondamente Nuove easily as it’s quite close to Campo Santa Maria Formosa, which is near where we are staying. As we were early for the ferry we walked for a while among the residential apartment buildings and the fruit and fish stalls.

We took the ferry to Burano where they have their own leaning tower. It’s the church bell tower and can usually be seen from quite a distance away across the water, but its outline is indistinct now as it’s under scaffolding.

We watched a young woman lace making. Usually at that shop it is the nonna they bring out for the tourists to admire, but I guess it was time to train someone new in the ancient art of tatting. Alessandro was very interested in all the colorful houses and we now have a great new photo album.


After a cappuccino and a café latte we went across to Torcello – we spent a lot of time there sitting and soaking in the pastoral quiet. Talking to the goats, the geese, the ducks and the turkeys. There were different cats this year and they have been given two dog kennels to live in, each one with the name Dingo written clearly on it. When two tour groups arrived we moved on.

The ferry stopped in at the Lido on the way back to San Marco. We could see cars and a lot of hotels at the landing stage.

On our return to Venice, the trestle tables were up in Piazza San Marco, but there wasn’t much water about. We stopped in for a snack at the popular self service restaurant Cat Qui Rit, which can be found just behind San Marco, at Calle Tron. On the way to there we passed the gondola station outside the Cavelletto Hotel, where a larger number of tourists than usual were all lined up to wait their turn on a gondola. That reminds me, we must take some more traghetto rides tomorrow.

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