Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A stay at the Villa Mercede in Orvieto

I stayed there a year ago on my last trip. We were enroute from Venice to Sorrento and as I always enjoy going to Orvieto, I was very pleased to be able to stay there again. I booked from Australia by telephone. And that's really the best way to communciate with Adolpho who seems to run it when he is not doing his other religious duties about the town.


The monastery is literally thirty meters from the Duomo, to the right and across the road. It's a large and well cared for building with an elevator and three floors of rooms. The grounds are extensive and the views from the rooms overlooking the back show the beautiful Umbrian countyside. It's just a couple of short Orvieto blocks from the apartment that Marlena de Blasi describes living in, at number 34 Via Del Duomo, in her third book, The Lady in the Palazzo.

I was very comfortable in my large single room with a pristine, new bathroom. The single rate is 35 euros a night. When you arrive, you can drive in through the Via Soliana entrance and the car parking is directly behind the building. Use the steps on the left to enter the building with your luggage. The main office is on the first floor. Adolfo is not always in the building so you may have to contact him on his cell phone. His number is 3475793062 and It helps if you speak some Italian.


As I return to Italy, I'm sad that I won't be going back there on this trip. Orvieto is such a special place and I would like to return next April. Going three times so far just whets the appetite for more.



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annie lockhart said...

hey...i just found you via google images. i was looking for some photos of orvieto...and this one caught my eye. i'm going to be teaching next year there with my husband in may with 'adventures in italy'...and we can't wait...even more so after reading about your trip. i was wondering if you would mind if i used any of your photos of orvieto to put on my blog. i'd be happy to link to you and give credit for the photos. thanks...annie
ps...i recieved the wild women award a few months back too!