Monday, March 10, 2008


Amaretto di Saronno is liquid gold in a glass. It is made in Saronno, which is a comune of Lombardia, in the province of Varese in northern Italy.

I've heard that it's the number one best selling liqueur in Italy and that it's the second best thing to come out of Italy after the Ferrari. It's defined as an almond liqueur, but it has more going for it than just the subtle taste and scent, of almonds.

The tactile shape of the bottle is unique and is a part of the whole opulent Amaretto experience. There are other Amarettos out there and sadly I was given one of those for Christmas, by someone who obviously doesn't know me at all! Actually it was the same son who persists in giving me Lindt chocolate - which I've never eaten in my life.

Amaretto - it's Italy in a liqueur glass.



anne said...

DiSaronno is heaven in a glass!! Interestingly, I just read that the word "amaretto" comes from the Italian amaro, meaning bitter, which makes sense since I believe DiSaronno's flavour comes from apricot kernel oil.

Sandra said...

Nectar of the gods, forsooth. I am also a huge fan of the Italian liqueur. My favorite cocktail is the Amaretto Sour, and I slip a little DiSaronno in some desserts I it macerated strawberries or creme brulee.

Signora, you have excellent taste:)

Annie said...

Yum! Have I told YOU lately how much I love your blog too? Thanks so much!